Friday, February 12, 2016

WiHM! Lindsey Beth Goddard!

I have a real treat for you today! Lindsey Beth Goddard has agreed to be my guest today! She is an amazing horror you will find some info about this magnificently macabre lady, as well as a sample of her work:

Lindsey Goddard embraces the dark side of life. Over the past decade and a half, her short stories and poems have been published numerous times. Recent credits include Dark Moon Digest, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, James Ward Kirk Fiction, and Sirens Call Publications. Don’t be fooled if you spot Lindsey in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. She’s only half there. The other half is anywhere and everywhere else - in the realm of her imagination. Lindsey loves her husband, three children, and crazy cat, and she hopes to make them proud of her weirdness (especially the cat). Her first full-length book is scheduled to be released through Omnium Gatherum Press this summer. For more information, please visit: 

A Pretty Girl With A Smile So Wide 
copyright 2015 - Lindsey Goddard

I used to be a good, sweet girl.
I only ever killed a squirrel,
A frog, a cat, a dog, a mouse
And buried them behind my house.

Blonde hair bouncing, big blue eyes,
A Sunday dress, my clever guise,
I fantasized cruel ways to die
For boys at church who caught my eye.

Then, as I grew, I fell in love-
A pitfall I am not proud of,
For there's no doubt a boyfriend cheats
With lipstick stains fresh on his sheets.

And 'cause he liked to tell tall tales,
I took and stretched out his entrails.
Slick with blood, I measured them,
Once full of shit, the same as him.

Not letting heartbreak dominate me,
His tortured screams, they served to sate me.
He crossed me so I crossed out his eyes
With the knife from our dinner of chicken thighs.

Digging holes I cannot stand
And fresh grave dirt upon my hands.
Plus, every time (it never fails)
The shovel handle breaks my nails.

I kill and still I've not been caught.
It's clear some men have not been taught
That a pretty girl with a smile so wide
Might have some skeletons to hide.

Come closer, dear, and meet my dark side.

Thank you Lindsey!

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